• facilitate wart removal
  • reduce the risk of contamination
  • dermatologically tested
  • two assorted sizes

16 patches
Ø19mm (4)
Ø12mm (12)

Wart patches facilitate the removal of common and plantar warts as they adapt perfectly to the treatment area.
The patches provide effective occlusion therapy, thus facilitating wart removal.
Moreover, they prevent the risk of bacterial infections and the spread of warts to other people or areas.

Contains 16 wart patches in two sizes: Φ19mm and Φ12mm

Directions for use: before applying, carefully clean and dry the area to be protected to ensure perfect adhesion and effectiveness. Remove the wart patch from the pouch, and position it centrally over the area to be protected.

Warnings: for external use only. Apply on areas with common or plantar warts. Keep out of reach of children. Carefully read the directions for use. Stop treatment in the event of side effects or hypersensitivity to the product. Damaged packaging could compromise the operation and safety of the product.